Art and Culture Lovers!
Bergamo’s upper town, a historic walled in town, known for its Romanesque style and beautiful churches and monuments, is the place. Here I will teach you Bergamo’s history and people that made it so beautiful.

Short on time and needing to chill out?
What about a relaxing walk throughout the old town discovering hidden spots and experiencing history?

Are you obsessed with culture and crazy for good food?
Great! You are in the right place: in Bergamo we have lots of art work, food is fantastic and wine is even better. In the area are 10 Michelin-starred restaurants and many other places where you can taste and not only eat food. Cheese, cured meats, italian meat, wine and typically filled casoncelli are here waiting for you. It will be a pleasure and an honor to share my favorite places where you can taste wine, learn about grappa, beer and cigars. Here is what I can propose: lunch or dinner or tasting of wine, beer, cigars, cheese, spirits, champagne and visits to wineries in and around Bergamo. Let me know what you would like to taste and eat: I will find the right place for your dinner. Where? In Bergamo downtown and its surrounding area.

Adventurous and curious kids?
What about seeking for phantoms or having fun in a theme park?

Do you prefer outdoor leisure activities?
I can plan a bike tour to discover our valleys, lakes and mountains. Your desire for hiking, biking or sailing will be satisfied.
Our mountain passes are waiting for you and not to mention having lunch at one of our mountain lodges will be an unforgettable experience.

Are you a couple, or a family, or a big group of friends wanting to experience a feast of local specialties?
I only need to know when and how long you’re going to stay in our beautiful Bergamo. I will built and prepare your days according to your preferences.